Aix en Provence - Marseille

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Today you will visit Aix en Provence the old capital of Provence who has kept a great deal of the character imparted to it in the XVIIth and XVIIIth and then you will enjoy a sightseeing tour of the oldest city of France, Marseille.

Aix en Provence

You will love to stroll through the heart of the town, in the pedestrian old streets to discover the façades of the baroque ochre colored private mansions. These dwellings were built for the nobility, each with a concept and style corresponding to the residents' social importance.

The city also boasts a wide variety of fountains. Aix is the "city of water, city of art".
Among other buildings of interest: the cathedral, the town hall, the Corn Exchange

On Tuesday, Saturday and Thursday, in the five main squares take place one of the major markets in all Provence. A square is dedicated to flowers, transforming the site into a veritable masterpiece of changing colours. Two others are dedicated to fruits and vegetables, another one is about new and second-hand clothes and the last one is filled with antique and handicrafts dealers.


From the Old Port where everything began 600 years B.C, Marseille reveals all its beauty. Ride along the most beautiful bay in the world! Then reach the spectacular site of Notre Dame de la Garde, admire the golden ceiling mosaics of the basilica and enjoy a 360° sight on the city and its islands!
Then you will discover the historical center of Marseille. The tour will take you to the famous Canebiere from the Pierre Puget course and the financial district. You will also explore the east part of the city with the magnificent Palais Longchamp and its monumental fountains.
Discover the Old town of Marseille known as the oldest quarter of France. We will take you to the Cathedral of the Major to admire its architecture contrasting with the MUCEM National museum dedicated to Mediterranean cultures. Enter to Euro-Mediterranean area, the result of the largest Urban Renewal operation in Southern Europe. The tour ends on the Old Port, which became in 2013 the largest pedestrian zone of Europe.

Drop off at the Tourist Office Board of Marseille


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